Whis is Testa Omega-3 better than Fishoil?

Testa Omega-3 is a clean sustainable alternative to fish oil. Testa Omega-3 is 100% vegetable and vegan. Testa Omega-3 has the same active ingredients as fish oil and is good for your heart, brains and eyes.



Omega-3 is good for the brain, heart and eyes. Because our body is unable to produce Omega-3 itself, we get it from food and nutritional supplements, such as fatty fish and fish oil capsules. But the use of fish oil is neither sustainable nor healthy, as 87% of the oceans are now overfished and many fish are contaminated with hazardous substances such as dioxins and PCBs.

100% Fish-free

With Testa, we replace products that contain a large amount of fish. Testa wants to contribute to improving the biodiversity of the ocean. This can happen if it is possible to replace a significant portion of all fish oil with pure, fish-free Omega-3 within ten years.


Testa is a 100% plant-based Omega-3 supplement. Our Omega-3 is made from CO2 neutral-grown algae, the wonder food of the fish. By these means, 38 fish are saved per package – the number of fish needed for one jar of fish oil capsules.


Worldwide, 90 billion kilograms of fish are caught from the sea to satisfy the current demand for Omega-3. This must be made more sustainable and humane. A Testa package, based on algae, contains as much Omega-3 as 38 herrings. In addition, our packaging is biodegradable and the capsules themselves are made from seaweed extract.


At Testa, we always want to innovate and become less harmful to the ocean. If you have any tips on how we can improve our product, please contact us.

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