Our mission: a fish-free omega 3 industry

Did you know there’s something fishy about the way fish oil is traditionally produced? Omega-3 is good for you. It performs valuable services for your head, your brain and your heart. Traditionally Omega-3 has been extracted from fish. And there’s something fishy about that. Here’s why.


Why is that?

Overfishing threatens our oceans. The entire ecosystem becomes unbalanced as a result of this overfishing of the food chain. With disastrous consequences for people and planet. Currently, some 25% of the world’s fish catch is used to extract essential omega 3 fatty acids, including for food supplements. This has to change. And fortunately, it can be done very easily.

How do we do that?

The unique and patented solution of Testa Omega-3 is as simple as it is smart. Fish do not make omega 3 themselves, but extract it from algae. And that’s exactly what we do: Obtain high-quality omega 3 from farmed algae without the use of fatty fish.

A fish-oil free future: what can you do?

Exchange your fish or krill oil for Testa Omega-3 algae oil today. Good for you and good for the ocean. With Testa Omega-3 you opt for a sustainable supplement from a pure source. And of course, if you are enthusiastic and convinced, you will help spread our story like an algae oil spill.

Are you in? #fishfreeomega3!

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