Good luck impact makers! Testa proud sponsor of Expedition Scotland 2017

Testa is proud sponsor of Expedition Scotland 2017, an initiative by By The Oceans We Unite.


On Monday May 15 the ship Fantastiko set sail for Scotland, on the second By the Ocean we Unite sailing expedition for cleaner oceans. Together with filmmakers, scientists and impact makers from around the globe they will conduct scientific research, increase global awareness and activate people, organizations and governments to work on solutions for our global plastic waste problem.

Interested to learn more? Check out the expedition here!

Altijd vers je omega 3 in huis


Stel eenvoudig je hoeveelheid en frequentie samen en zit nooit meer zonder verse omega-3 in huis. De omega is dan gegarandeerd niet ouder dan 3 maanden van productie tot consumptie. Je kan het natuurlijk ook los bestellen

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