Testa Rejoint la Campagne « Plus de Solutions Vertes » de PostNL

As-tu déjà entendu parler ? PostNL est notre nouveau partenaire logistique, nous permettant de livrer nos produits chez toi de la manière la plus durable possible. Regarde la campagne vidéo et en apprends davantage !



Why do we need (more) Omega-3?

Omega-3 contains fatty acids which are active in all cells and tissues in the body. They help the body to function optimally.

World Ocean Day

On the 8th of June we acknowledged World Oceans Day. People around our blue planet celebrate and honor the ocean, which connects us all. Testa is proud to have sponsored the Sea the Future event of the Sea First Foundation last Sunday in 's Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands!

Signs & Symptoms of Omega-3 Deficiency

By now, you're likely aware of the important role Omega-3 fatty acids play in promoting brain, eye and heart health.

Le Néerlandais Boyan Slat, 22 ans, a un plan pour débarrasser les océans du monde du plastique et a recueilli 31,5 millions de dollars pour y parvenir.

At Testa it is our mission to change the Omega-3 industry and replace all fish oil with algae oil. Fortunately we are not the only ones who want to create change.

Eating fewer or no animal products? Make sure you don’t miss out on these 5 nutrients

Have you decided to eat fewer or no animal products? Perhaps because you feel its healthier for you? Or maybe out of concern for the environment or animal welfare? Or maybe simply because you don't like fish or meat?

Good luck impact makers! Testa proud sponsor of Expedition Scotland 2017

Testa is proud sponsor of Expedition Scotland 2017, an initiative by By The Oceans We Unite.

Farming shellfish à¡nd restoring the ocean’s health, Bren Smith shows us how it’s done

At Testa we want to stop overfishing so our oceans can become healthy again. It is our mission to change the Omega-3 industry and replace all fish oil with algae oil. By thinking differently and using smart technology, we are able to offer people a better product à¡nd maintain fish stocks. How? By leaving fish alone!

Keep your brain strong with these 3 mini mental work-outs

A temporary brain switch off: we all have it from time to time but it seems to happen more often when we get past 25… not great!

Better than Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar: these tricks will help you to get down a capsule with ease

Sounds familiar? Research shows 1 in 3 adults have difficulties swallowing pills. For some people there is a specific physical explanation but more often it is our minds that create the aversion.

Marine biologist David Vaughan made a revolutionary discovery by accident

Did you know that plants and trees on land only produce one third of the oxygen we breath? The rest comes from the oceans. Or actually, from the plants that grow in the oceans. That's why the health of everything that lives under water is extremely important to us people.

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