Testa Omega-3 supports The International Ocean Foundation

Excess fishing has to stop. Fishing can be easily reduced by 25%. How? For instance by opting no longer for fish oil or fish meal, but for vegetarian alternatives made of algae! This way, the International Ocean Foundation wants to make all the oceans in the world healthy.


The International Ocean Foundation is a volunteer organisation, founded by Wellness Innovations and strategic concept, communication and design agency Mattmo Creative. Together with like-minded partners and a team of enthusiastic, committed volunteers from various countries, they are fighting excess fishing. People who realize it can be done differently.

The seas are emptied through fishing. In 40 years’ time, life in our oceans has been cut in half. A big part of the excess fishing is caused by the production of Omega-3 fish oil.

Did you know that for each package of 60 Omega-3 fish oil capsules, 38 fish have died? Worldwide, over 22.5 billion kilograms of fish are used for the production of fish oil each year. Each day that is over 60 million kilograms!

Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in algae oil. They have the same benefits and are a better, more fish friendly alternative. This way, we can save the lives of 1 in every 4 fish being caught!

The International Ocean Foundation wants to stop excess fishing. And you can help. Together the producers of Omega-3 algae oil can make a difference. Are you currently taking Omega-3 capsules made of fish oil? Participate in the “For Our Love of Life challenge!”

Altijd vers je omega 3 in huis


Stel eenvoudig je hoeveelheid en frequentie samen en zit nooit meer zonder verse omega-3 in huis. De omega is dan gegarandeerd niet ouder dan 3 maanden van productie tot consumptie. Je kan het natuurlijk ook los bestellen

WWF Living Blue – Planet Report 2015

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