Stellenangebote Testa Omega-3

Make our mission your mission and start working at a food scale-up with a mission. Help building our mature brand in nutritional supplements to become better visible around the globe. Testa Omega-3 has worldwide precense and is the most estabished brand of Wellness Innovations, the social enterprise that wants to be good for you and the ocean. Look at our open vacancies below and see how you can contribute to this!


Working at a food scale-up with a mission!

We want to shake up the Omega-3 industry and let the world know they should take Omega 3, but not from fish! View our vacancies.


Junior Content Marketer

To accelerate our mission, we are looking for a Junior Content Marketer (languages German, Dutch and/or English). Within this position you will be directed by the Global Head of E-commerce. You are fully involved in daily business and will receive a wide and varied range of tasks. Do you think you can help spreading Testa? Please contact us!

Are you the talent we are looking for?

#Social talent #Research talent #Marketing talent #Graphic talent or #Sales talent?
Are you someone with guts and own input? Someone who wants to use his talent to make the world a bit nicer and someone wo wants to become best in his own field? Do you want to learn more about growth hacking, marketing, sales or graphic design? Just tell us what you think is fun to do and how you can contribute to our mission!


Slik je gemakkelijk capsules?
DHA & EPA Omega-3 Algenöl

Für Ihre Gesundheit geeignet. Höchste Konzentration an DHA + EPA Fettsäuren (250 mg DHA + 125 mg EPA). Gut für Herz, Gehirn und Augen.

DHA Omega-3 Algenöl

PURES DHA – Auch für schwangere Frauen und Kinder geeignet. Pures DHA Omega-3 aus Algenöl. Höchste Konzentration an Fettsäuren (250 mg DHA), rein pflanzlich. Gut für Gehirn und Augen.