Welcome at our affiliate partnerprogram

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate and do you have your own website? We can provide you with a banner with an unique URL.

Even without a website we can create a personal discount code for you. This allows your customer to purchase Testa Omega-3 via our webshop with a discount and you will receive a (upon agreed) commission on this.

It couldn’t be easier! You can request more information about our affiliate program via info@testa-omega3.com.

Testa Ambassadors

How do I become an affiliate partner of Testa-Omega 3?

  • Step 1: Send an email to: info@testa-omega3.com

By sending us an email you can apply and send your request to become an affiliate. We will then review your application.

  • Step 2: Approval + creation of affiliate code.

After approval we enter your details into the system and create the affiliate code (s).

  • Step 3: Receive affiliate code + login.