Isn’t salmon healthy?

Make up your own mind whether farmed salmon is suitable for meeting your omega-3 needs and belongs in your diet. Research shows that vegetable omega-3 from algae is the only source of high-quality omega-3.



Update donation Sea Shepherd

In addition to our regular donation as a partner, we also offer our customers the opportunity to make an additional donation to Sea Shepherd when purchasing a Testa product.

rePurpose our plastic blister strips

We use plastic blister strips because it now offers the best quality and shelf life for capsules.Together with rePurpose we compensate for this.

Algae oil can stop overfishing!

It is time to be responsible for our oceans.

Vegan krill oil spares the ocean ecosystem

The demand for omega-3 from krill, a small shrimp species, is growing explosively. This has serious consequences for, among others, the biodiversity in the Antarctic waters. This is unnecessary!

Vrill is more than just vegan omega-3s

Testa Vrill Omega-3 is the vegan replacement for krill oil. It has the same specific properties as krill oil, but without the krill. It is even richer than krill oil, we dare say.

Vegan in January

The Veganuary foundation has been making this appeal for a number of years. Thousands of people have already taken up the challenge.

Fish Free February: will you join us?

We aim to stop unnecessary fishing by 2035. To achieve this, we offer alternatives to fish products.y.

Boost je systeem! Go Liquid

Still looking for a good intention? Give your system a big boost! We have recently added a liquid version of our algae oil to the range

These tips will help you avoid Blue Monday

Dark, tired and no energy. It's that time of year again, the most depressing day of the year: Blue Monday.

Symptoms of omega-3 deficiency

You probably already knew that omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, EPA and DHA) have many health benefits. Unfortunately, our bodies do not produce these themselves, or produce only very little. 

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