Why you should stop eating fish?

We eat fish or swallow fish oil because it is ‘healthy’ for us. But how we treat the ocean for that is not healthy at all! More than 90 billion kilos are fished from the ocean for consumption every year. A huge part of that is bycatch, such as dolphins and turtles, which aren’t used. If we continue like this, the oceans will be completely empty in 2048. Due to pollution, fish contain many harmful substances, such as mercury and PCBs. Of course, that’s not good for you either. It is all unnecessary, because the most important nutrients of fish can also be obtained from omega 3 from algae.

In our fight for a healthy ocean, we support

Sea Shepherd

We support their mission to protect and conserve animal species and ecosystems in the oceans. Sea Shepherd’s actions are aimed at stopping the slaughter of marine animals and the destruction of their habitats. They investigate, register and document illegal activities at sea. From Testa we make a donation to their actions and offer you, as a fellow strider, the possibility to add an extra donation to your purchase. They draw their donors’ attention to the healthy alternatives that are available for eating fish. Read what they do here.


We package our capsules in plastic blister strips because this is the best protection for now and because it allows us to guarantee the quality and shelf life of the algae oil better than any other algae oil brand. However, plastic is a major threat to the oceans. Out of responsibility we support the work of rePurpose. They are a global ‘Plastic Action Platform’ aimed at reducing waste and restoring the natural balance. With them we now collect twice as much plastic as we produce. Read what they do here.

Sea Shepherd fights to preserve all ecosystems in the oceans.
rePurpose helps people and companies to reduce their plastic footprint.

A fish-free future

What can you do?

An open shot of course; Swap your fish or krill oil for Testa Omega-3 algae oil today. With Testa Omega-3 you choose a vegan fish oil  from a pure source. Or you can choose fish-free products in the supermarket instead of the fish variant. And if you are enthusiastic and convinced, you will of course help spread our story like an algae oil slick.

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