Good for heart, eyes, and brain

Omega-3 helps the body function optimally.

Suitable for a vegan lifestyle

All Testa products are 100% plant-based.

No contaminants as found in fish oil

No PCBs, mercury, and other toxic substances.

The health benefits

of plant-based omega-3

Plant-based omega-3 fatty acids are good for your heart, eyes, and brain. While fatty fish only contains 1% omega-3, algae consist of 20% omega-3. Therefore, Testa Omega-3 easily meets the requirements to substantiate all health claims.

Good for heart, eyes, and brain

Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids and are good for your heart, eyes, and brain. Testa Omega-3 DHA & EPA capsules guarantee more than 500 mg of omega-3, significantly more than typical algae, fish, or krill oil supplements.

Suitable for
vegetarians and vegans

Most sources of omega-3 DHA and EPA are not plant-based and therefore not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Because ALA from plant sources is hardly converted into both DHA and EPA, it is especially important for vegetarians and vegans to take DHA and EPA. Plant-based omega-3 based on algae oil is one of the few naturally animal-free sources of omega-3 that contains the essential DHA and EPA fatty acids.

No contaminants
as found in fish oil

Unfortunately, nowadays fish often contains more than just omega-3. It is frequently loaded with PCBs, mercury, dioxins, and other toxins that need to be filtered out first. We extract omega-3 directly from algae through a pure and controlled process. This way, you are guaranteed not to ingest any toxins when taking your plant-based omega-3 supplements.

The purest form
of omega-3

Omega-3 comes from algae. Fish and krill consume algae, absorbing omega-3 in the process. Thanks to innovative technology, Testa extracts the essential fatty acids directly from algae. This provides you with the purest form of omega-3; without toxins and completely plant-based. Watch the video next to this for an explanation of how we do this:

Fish oil vs Algae oil

The facts at a glance

When you choose algae-based omega-3 capsules, you are not only opting for your own health but also for a healthy fish and krill population and a healthy environment.

Fish and krill extract omega-3 from algae

22.5 billion kilograms of fish per year for fish oil

Fatty fish only contains 1% omega-3

Fish contains dioxins, PCBs, and mercury

Quality of fish oil decreases due to oxidation

Fish oil is inexpensive due to economies of scale

25% of all fish caught is for omega-3

Algae produce omega-3

1 billion kilograms of algae cultivated on land

Algae contain 20% omega-3

Algae oil contains no ocean contamination

No rancid aftertaste with algae oil

Production of algae oil is relatively expensive

Algae oil saves fish lives


Smart path to a healthy omega-3 index

Join the challenge! To get the omega-3 index of as many people as possible in the green, we have started the Testa Omega-3 Challenge. We challenge you to elevate your omega-3 index with vegan oil omega 3 to the optimal level as quickly as possible!

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