Testa Omega-3 for Resellers

For health and wellness stores, drugstores, pharmacies, therapists and other resellers Testa has developed a special retail package with 45 capsules. The suggested retail price for this package is € 19.95

Testa Omega 3 is a more pure and sustainable alternative to fishoil. Good for your customers and good for the oceans!

Testa Omega-3  – 45 capsules is available at several wholesalers, but you can also purchase directly from us.


Wholesalers, retailers & resellers

Do you want to offer our products to your customers? That is possible! We offer web shops, retail therapists, (sport) coaches, drugstores, but also wholesalers the opportunity to purchase our products at competitive rates. We also provide personal support and substantive knowledge. To be able to purchase as a reseller, you must be in possession of a VAT number and order at least 20 packages at a time. You can request our reseller program via info@testa-omega3.com.


Are you interested in working for us as an affiliate and do you have your own website? We can provide you with a banner with a unique URL. Even without a website we can create a personal discount code for you. This allows your customer to purchase Testa Omega-3 through our webshop with a discount and you will receive a (previously agreed) commission. It couldn’t be easier! You can request our affiliate program via info@testa-omega3.com.

Influencers, vloggers / bloggers & content creators

Are you an influencer in the field of fitness and/or health, or are you an active (vegan) foodie? Then it may be interesting for you to promote our products through your social media channels. Make yourself heard, show yourself, via info@testa-omega3.com.

We score a 9.4 out of 10

A score of 9.4 based on 2092 reviews on kijoh.com

Good to find vegan Omega-3

Dispatch every 4 months works very well and arrives perfectly on time

Anthony – 10 dagen geleden

First-Class Supplement, First-Class Service

This is the best quality Omega 3 product I have found on the market, and it is also vegan, which is good to know! I have been sent the product on subscription for several years now, and it has always arrived promptly when expected, packaged without waste and undamaged. On the few occasions I’ve needed to contact customer services, the staff have been well able to deal with my inability to speak Dutch/needing to communicate with me in English, and they have been exceptionally pleasant to interact with.

Amanda – 10 dagen geleden

Quality product delivered on time

I have been purchasing your products for more than 3 years and am happy with the service.

Julia – 10 dagen geleden

Excellent service and quality of product

Vegan omega 3, perfect for me. Simple on line ordering and rapid delivery. Excellent

Michael – 10 dagen geleden