Testa Omega 3 for Resellers

Support our mission and become a reseller or ambassador of Testa Omega 3.


Wholesalers, Retailers, & Resellers

Would you like to offer our products to your clients? You can! We offer web shops, retailers, therapists, (sports) coaches, drugstores, but also wholesalers the opportunity to buy our products at competitive rates. In addition, we provide personal support and expertise. The easiest way to reach our retail department is via email: [email protected].


Are you interested in working for us as an affiliate and do you have your own website? We can provide you with a banner with a unique URL. Even without a website we can create a personalized discount code for you. This will allow your client to buy Testa at a discount through our web shop and you will receive a (previously agreed) commission on this. It couldn’t be easier! Go to the affiliate page and sign up.

Influencers, Vloggers / Bloggers & Content Creators

Are you an influencer in the field of fitness and health or are you an active (vegan) foodie? Then it might be interesting for you to promote our products through your social media channels. Interested? Call us or send an email to [email protected].