Marine biologist David Vaughan made a revolutionary discovery by accident

“People might think we’ve ruined this planet by technology. But with technology we can bring it back.” – Dr. David Vaughan


Did you know that plants and trees on land only produce one third of the oxygen we breath? The rest comes from the oceans. Or actually, from the plants that grow in the oceans. That’s why the health of everything that lives under water is extremely important to us people. Similar to us, marine biologist Dr. David Vaughan from San Francisco has made it his mission to restore the health of our oceans

VIDEO – Revolutionary discovery by accident

Just when he was about to retire, he made a revolutionary discovery. He found a way that could possibly restore all coral reefs, which are essential to the biodiversity under water, worldwide. He decided to postpone his retirement and do everything in his power to make his idea work. Watch his inspiring story and mission in this short video.

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