Testa Joins PostNL’s More Green Solutions Campaign


Have you heard? PostNL is now offering more green solutions, more convenience, and so much more with their new sustainability campaign! Their More Green Solutions project, taking place in the Netherlands, aims to help customers find eco-friendly packaging and raises awareness about letterbox packaging, which has tons of sustainable benefits.


Why Was PostNL The Right Choice for Us?

This logistics service currently works with eco-friendly solutions like delivery by scooter, light electric freight vehicles, and when possible, by electric bike. They’re on track to 100% emission-free delivery, and in the meantime, have opted for renewable fuels from organic matter, like frying fats and plant-based oils!

That’s exactly why we chose Post NL as our logistics partner. The most sustainable omega-3 supplement requires the most sustainable means of delivery to you. We know that our clients want effective, green solutions, and this is exactly what PostNL has offered us.

“In the beginning, I personally cycled with a stack of packages to the mailbox, but that’s not the case anymore. We’ve been working with PostNL since the beginning. For Europe, we have also entrusted them with our fulfillment. We are not big enough to set up the entire process with full automation. And it’s difficult to find good personnel for that. At PostNL, there are motivated people who specialize in logistics. So why do it ourselves?” said Martin de Vries, Testa Co-Founder.


How We Approach Sustainability with Our Packaging

Our approach to sustainable packaging is simple. We go for the most minimalistic materials possible, and deliver them in the most efficient and low-impact way we can.

“Even during our product development, we looked at the shipping method. Sustainability is important to us, so we wanted the most efficient distribution with minimal CO2 emissions. The great advantage of the letterbox package is that people don’t have to stay at home to receive it. It doesn’t go to the neighbors, and the delivery person doesn’t have to come back another time. Additionally, PostNL delivers many of these packages by foot or by bicycle, all sustainable aspects that are essential to us,” shared Martin.

In other words, less packaging and unnecessary travel equals less pollution for our planet. This is why Testa keeps it simple.

Here’s Martin’s advice for other eco-conscious entrepreneurs: “Don’t think ‘it has to be a beautiful, luxurious packaging for customers to enjoy unwrapping.’ Stop that thinking. It ultimately only harms the environment. Make your packaging suitable for online sales so that you send as little air as possible. When developing a product, bring something to the market that benefits us and doesn’t harm the planet further. As an entrepreneur, you have the responsibility to create something that is efficient, functional, and as sustainable as possible. Make principled choices!”

Check out the full video for more details on our partnership with PostNL!



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