rePurpose our plastic blister strips

For 10 years, we have been fighting to maintain healthy fish populations and a viable ocean. Not only by offering fish-free omega-3 products, but also by making consumers as aware as possible of the impact of eating fish or using fish oil on our oceans. Plastic waste from the fish industry is also a major problem. Despite the awareness that the growing use of plastic threatens the oceans, we package our vegetable capsules in plastic push-through strips.
You would think that there is another way. Or is it?

Plastic blister strips for quality preservation

We use plastic blister strips because they offer the best protection for now and because they allow us to guarantee the quality and shelf life of the algae oil better than any other algae oil brand. Open packaging such as a jar or a bag ensures that the product can oxidise more quickly. We are constantly looking for a better alternative, but have not found one yet.


Supporting rePurpose offsets our plastic use

In the meantime, we’re taking responsibility by supporting the work of rePurpose. rePurpose is a global Plastic Action Platform dedicated to reducing waste and restoring the natural balance. With them, we made a calculation of our annual plastic use. And with them, we now take twice as much plastic out of nature as we produce.

Read more about what else Repurpose does here or watch the video:

Always fresh omega-3? Take a subscription!

Omega-3 is good for your heart, brain and eyes. To reach your daily recommended quantity without any worries, take out a subscription. That way, you can be sure that you are always taking fresh algae oil. Go to the shop and choose the quantity and frequency that suits you. Of course, you can also order separately.

Algae oil can stop overfishing!

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