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Update partnership Sea Shepherd – customer donations

In order to reinforce the fight against overfishing, Testa has been supporting the international environmental organization Sea Shepherd with a financial contribution since last autumn. Our missions are very much in line with each other. The actions of Sea Shepherd are aimed at stopping the killing of ocean animals and the destruction of their habitat. They investigate, register, and document illegal activities at sea. Whereas Sea Shepherd fights at sea by exposing abuses, we do so via the shopping basket.

Besides our regular donation as a partner, we also offer our customers the opportunity to make an extra donation to Sea Shepherd when buying a Testa product. In total, hundreds of extra euros have already been raised for the good work of Sea Shepherd. For which we thank you, also on behalf of Sea Shepherd.

But that may be more! Also next year we support the work of Sea Shepherd and we ask you as a customer to make an extra donation. So pay attention to the button below in the checkout process.

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Joint mission and goal?

To further strengthen the fight against overfishing, Testa supports the international non-profit organization Sea Shepherd with a financial contribution.

Their common goal? To fight to protect and preserve life in the oceans. “Every year, more than 90 billion kilos are fished from the oceans for consumption. Twenty-five per cent of that is for the production of fish oil and fishmeal,” says Testa co-founder Martin de Vries.

Read more on our #fishfree mission here

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