In the fight against overfishing Testa supports Sea Shepherd

Almere, 28 October 2021 – We are increasingly aware of the importance of omega-3. But did you know that this development is extremely bad for life in the oceans? Twenty-five per cent of the world’s fish catch goes to the omega-3 industry and there is now overfishing. The demand for omega-3 from krill, a small shrimp species, is also rising sharply. If this food source is also overfished, animals such as penguins, seals and whales will starve. And that is unnecessary! Krill in fact gets its omega-3 from algae. Testa, as a supplier of fish-free omega-3 supplements from algae oil, is therefore launching Vrill Omega-3.

The groundbreaking Vrill Omega-3

Vrill Omega-3 capsules are sustainable and fully plant-based and are rich in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The supplement consists of oil from the algae Schizochytrium sp and is enriched with natural phospholipids. These ensure that the omega-3 is more easily absorbed by the body. It also contains the very powerful antioxidant astaxanthin. Testa Vrill Omega-3 fits into a vegan diet and is suitable for young and old, as well as pregnant women. In short: with this vegetable alternative, you support both your body and the life in the oceans.

Testa supports Sea Shepherd

In order to further strengthen the fight against overfishing, Testa supports the international non-profit organisation Sea Shepherd with a financial contribution. Their common goal? To fight to protect and preserve life in the oceans. “Every year, more than 90 billion kilos are fished from the oceans for consumption. Twenty-five per cent of that is for the production of fish oil and fishmeal,” says Testa co-founder Martin de Vries. “You also see a sharp increase in the krill catch due to the increasing demand for omega-3. If we continue like this, the oceans will be completely empty in 2050.” De Vries has been working with the company for 10 years to reduce the growing amount of fish caught. The company continues to innovate in order to offer more vegetable alternatives.

Geert Vons, director of Sea Shepherd Netherlands says about the support: “The krill industry is growing explosively with serious consequences for the biodiversity in the Antarctic waters. Where we conduct our battle at sea by exposing abuses, Testa does that through the shopping basket. Our missions are closely aligned.” Sea Shepherd’s actions are aimed at stopping the killing of marine animals and the destruction of their habitats. They investigate, register and document illegal activities at sea.



Testa Vrill Omega-3 is available from the webshop for €29.95 per 60 capsules or in subscription form for €47.90 per 120 capsules. Testa Vrill Omega-3 is also for sale in the Sea Shepherd store at Alexander Boersstraat 52 in Amsterdam.

About Testa

Testa fights for healthy oceans and therefore offers a range of high-quality fish-free food supplements and products made from vegetable sources, such as algae. The company also makes people aware of how caring for healthy oceans fits in with a healthy lifestyle, based on the motto ‘what is best for the ocean, is best for you’. Testa is part of WIINC (Wellness Innovations Incubator). This is a Research & Development group focused on high-quality fish-free nutrition, health and beauty products. Their mission is to maintain a healthy fish population and improve the quality of the oceans.

For more information please contact Rosmalen PR – Stéphanie van Rosmalen, [email protected] or +31 6 37315603.


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Krill oil is not very healthy at all, so choose Vrill Omega-3

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