Want to know your Omega-3 Index?

With this finger-prick test, you can easily measure the percentage of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from the total measured fatty acids in your blood. With an Omega-3 Index between 8-12%, you are in the green, indicating that your body is optimally supplied with good fatty acids.

Recent scientific research indicates that a high omega-3 value in your blood, hence a value in the green range, increases life expectancy by almost 5 years. This effect is comparable to quitting smoking. Don’t you want that too?!

Omega-3 index test

Your Omega-3 Index is analyzed by OmegaQuant.

Fatigue, poor vision, lack of focus?

Willemijn took extra omega-3 for a few months to increase her omega-3 index. To see how it worked out for her, watch the video below.

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