Want to know if your Omega-3 Index is correct?

Do a Omega-3 Test!

With this finger prick test, you can easily measure the percentage of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA of the total measured fatty acids in your blood. With an Omega-3 Index between 8-12% you are in the green. It indicates that your body is optimally provided with good fatty acids.

Green is healthy

Recent scientific research shows that a high omega-3 value in your blood, i.e. a value in the green, increases life expectancy by almost five years. That is an effect comparable to that of stopping smoking. You want that too, don’t you?

Omega-3 index test

Your Omega-3 Index is analysed by OmegaQuant LLC in the UK. You get a test worth €49.95 sent to your home for only €35.00

OK, my omega-3 index is too low. And now what?

Take part in the Testa
Omega-3 Challenge

Omega-3 index challenge aanbieding van Testa Omega-3


There is a good chance that your omega-3 index is lower than 8%. The average Dutch person has an index of 4.5% and is therefore in the orange zone. That is far too low and can cause all kinds of discomfort. In order to get the omega-3 index of many Dutch people into the green zone, we have set up the Testa Omega-3 Challenge . We challenge everyone to bring their omega-3 index to the optimal level with vegetable algae oil as soon as possible.

That is good for you, and for the ocean! 

Good for heart, eyes and brain
Fits into a vegan lifestyle
Without contamination from fish

Fatigue, poor vision, lack of focus?

Here’s what omega-3 can do for you

Willemijn took extra omega-3 supplements for several months to increase her omega-3 index. You can see how she fared in the video below.

Note: Add English subtitles to this Dutch video via settings.