Shipments outside the Netherlands
After we received the order and payment, it usually takes our courier service 5 to 7 business days to deliver the package to an address outside the Netherlands. Because the orders of 4 packs or less are dispatched by standard mail without tracking, they can take more time during, for example, the holiday season.

Our packages are sent by standard mail. These packages are delivered by the regular mailman (via mailbox or by ringing your doorbell).

Does my order fit through a mailbox?
Our packages have the following dimensions; these all fit through a regular mailbox:

  • 60 Testa Omega-3 DHA + EPA capsules come in a packet of 3 x 13 cm (all countries)
  • 120 Testa Omega-3 DHA + EPA capsules with 3.5 x 17 cm (only for: Belgium, Spain and France)*
  • up to 240 capsules Testa Omega-3DHA + EPA in a format of 3.5 x 25 cm (only for: Belgium, Spain and France)*

*Packages for other countries are thicker, they do not fit in a mailbox.

Have you ordered 5 or more DHA+EPA boxes? Or 1 or more DHA bottle(s)? Your package will not fit in your mailbox and will be shipped with tracking. Those packages need to be handed over personally. If you are not home to receive the package, the courier will leave a note in your mailbox with instructions how to obtain your package. There are 2 scenarios:

1. The courier will arrive a day later;
2. Or you can pick up your package at a pick-up point

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