Why Algae Oil?

People often think of fish oil when talking about Omega-3, but is fish oil really healthy for you and your environment? There are 5 reasons to use Testa Omega-3 algae oil instead of fish oil:

  • Algae oil is pure, whereas fish oil is contaminated with quicksilver, PCBs and dioxins.
  • Algae oil is made through a simple production process, in contrast to fish oil, which requires many chemical treatments in order to remove the contamination.
  • Algae oil is fresh, whereas many fish oil supplements turn out to be rancid. No surprise that many mothers experience so called fish belching (burps). Read more about what Testa does to offer a fresh product?
  • Algae are being grown on land, whereas fish oil does a lot of damage to our oceans. Did you know that currently 25% of the global catch is being used to produce fish oil products?
  • Algae contain over 18% Omega-3, whereas in fish, this is no more than 0.1% to (in very special cases) 3%. This means that it takes 38 fat fish in order to produce 60 capsules.

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