DHA vs EPA: What’s The Difference?

Testa Omega-3 offers two types of algae Omega-3 supplements, namely Testa Omega-3 DHA+EPA (box with blisters) and Testa Omega-3 DHA (jar). We would like to explain the difference between DHA and EPA to you.

Testa Omega-3  vegan DHA+EPA

Is a complete omega-3 product that is suitable for everyone. One capsule per day provides powerful support for the heart, brain, and eyes. Testa Omega-3 DHA+EPA contains at least 450 mg of algae omega-3s per serving, of which more than 250 mg of vegan DHA and more than 125 mg of vegan EPA guaranteed per capsule. This product is perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

DHA vs EPA – these two fatty acids fulfill different roles within the body. If your goal is reducing cellular inflammation, then you probably need more EPA. Those struggling with depression, ADHD, brain trauma, or other cognitive issues are advised to maintain high levels of EPA in the blood. Research shows that about 4 grams per day of DHA and EPA lowers systolic blood pressure (top pressure) by about 4.5 mm Hg in people with high blood pressure who are not taking any other medicines (Source: het Voedingscentrum, the Netherlands).

Testa Omega-3 DHA

…is suitable for people who are only interested in the benefits of DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, such as eye and brain health. Testa Omega-3 DHA contains over 250 mg of algae omega-3 in the form of algae oil DHA. It is an ideal supplement for pregnant women taken in combination with Testa Omega-3 DHA + EPA, because of the additional benefits that this combination provides for the fetus or infant.

DHA has a beneficial effect on the development of the fetus and infants.

DHA does a better job of making membranes (especially those in the brain) a lot more fluid when compared to EPA. This increase in membrane fluidity is critical for synaptic vesicles and for the retina of the eye. Nonetheless, you can cover all your bases for omega-3 fatty acids by taking both DHA and EPA at the same time.

More info can be found here: What health claims may Testa Omega-3 DHA + EPA make?

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